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UMIAQ was established in 2006 to meet the growing service demands of resource development activities in Alaska. In August 2010, UMIAQ’s services expanded when it merged with UIC subsidiary LCMF, a professional services firm that has provided architectural design, civil, mechanical and structural engineering, and surveying services since 1982. UMIAQ’s expanded suite of services offers clients a comprehensive source for their design and regulatory consulting needs.

The UMIAQ team knows the politics, culture, land use, regulations, and engineering and design conditions as they pertain to industrial and community development in arctic and subarctic Alaska. We offer a distinct advantage to firms not based in Alaska by providing reliable local knowledge and expertise.

UMIAQ supports UIC’s mission to provide social and economic resources to its shareholders and their descendents. We strive to develop long-term, meaningful career opportunities for UIC shareholders and work with our clients to hire locally and provide appropriate training.

Umiaq helps clients maximize project startup efficiencies through comprehensive regulatory planning that includes stakeholder engagement. We also provide front-end planning and project development services for Arctic projects, including helping clients define their scope and establish execution plans.

UMIAQ is committed to working with both the public and private sectors in planning for all project phases, which is critical to a vital and sustainable economy for North Slope communities. We strive to understand the needs and concerns of all who are involved in our projects.

Our services include:

Regulatory Planning

UMIAQ provides strategic planning and permitting for oil and gas project in Alaska, with demonstrated expertise and success in securing regulatory approvals for Outer Continental Shelf, NPR-A, and State of Alaska oil and gas lease activities. We facilitate regulatory review and approval processes, including strategic pre-planning in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We address operator, regulator, and local stakeholder requirements through the strategic balance and integration of operational, political, and cultural elements of energy projects. This comprehensive analysis helps clients address all hurdles associated with energy projects in the high Arctic that can impact their advancement schedule. We also hire and train UIC shareholders to become marine mammal observers aboard industry vessels.

Stakeholder Relations

UMIAQ’s stakeholder relations professionals support industry operators in identifying potentially impacted resources, communities, organizations, and individuals. This helps to define project issues and constraints associated with future energy projects and their potential impacts to natural, environmental, and human resources. Members of our stakeholder relations staff were raised on the North Slope and have first-hand experience and knowledge of the people and area which provides a unique perspective on social investment and local hire opportunities.


Our architectural services include new construction, renovation design, and adaptive reuse. We have provided architectural, planning, programming and project management expertise to private companies; native corporations; municipal, state, and federal organizations; tribal entities; universities; and school districts across Alaska. UMIAQ’s architectural work is known for its consideration to program needs and ability to stay within budget, as well as for its cultural sensitivity. We have completed commercial, industrial, academic, research, housing, homeland security, defense, and healthcare facility projects across Alaska.

Civil, Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Our engineering group is sensitive to the unique design challenges presented by work in rural Alaska, such as cross-cultural communication, climate, construction, and freight logistics. Our engineering services include feasibility studies, regulatory compliance, permitting, conceptual and final designs, civil design, mechanical design, structural design, cost estimating, project management, inspections, and easement acquisition. We are experienced in completing projects of various facility types including fuel systems; coastal erosion protection; site remediation; roads; schools; and water and sewer systems.

Land Surveying

UMIAQ offers a complete range of surveying services supported by state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and training. Our team of Professional Land Surveyors and technicians is committed to meeting client expectations and deadlines. Our proactive approach to surveying includes training and obtaining certification for our staff – from bear hazing and FLIR camera operation training to HAZWOPER and environmental excellence. All of our surveyors are North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC) certified and trained to handle complications which often arise in remote areas. Our vast experience with rural communities and governments saves time and leads to successful projects.

Geospatial Analysis

UMIAQ offers an experienced and knowledgeable team who utilize the most current Geographic Information System (GIS) infrastructure to integrate industry geospatial data with local and traditional knowledge, and regulatory information. GIS deliverables include both static and interactive maps, which can incorporate the element of time in project constraint analysis as a “pre-feed” tool to help ensure project completion.

Response Planning & Operations

UMIAQ provides spill response contingency planning, operational support, and management in compliance with both onshore and offshore regulatory requirements in Alaska. We provide specialized assets and trained personnel to design response drills, as well as coordinate regulatory reviews and approvals of state and federally required Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans (ODPCPs), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, Facility Response Plans, and U.S. Coast Guard Operations Manuals. We offer fit-for-purpose equipment leasing or purchase options and maintenance services. UMIAQ employs trained Iñupiat Village Response Team Members for response to oil spills and other types of site contamination on the North Slope.

Logistics & Full-Service Camps

UMIAQ provides logistical support for exploration drilling field operations and facility development projects. This service is augmented by the integration of marine and logistic organizations within the UIC family of companies. We offer logistical support bases at Umiat and Pt. Barrow, and provide integrated services for exploration drilling sites, including secure staging of materials. Remote camp services provided by UMIAQ include fuel distribution, material receiving, equipment rental, forklift service, warehousing, communications, expediting, personnel shuttling, personnel flight service, air freight forwarding, catering, and office administration. UMIAQ also provides skilled camp staff and can provide fuel delivery and storage options.


Through excellence in all that we do, UMIAQ intends to be the best in its chosen industries. We will accomplish this by providing superior client service, developing and rewarding our employees, creating value for all stakeholders, and being environmentally and socially responsible.




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